Monday, April 2, 2012

Bless Her Heart: a year.

Bless Her Heart: a year.: As I sit back and reflect on this last year I cannot help but have a smile on my face. A smile that often wasn't there, rather a look of sad...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

summer 09

I have been so bad in entering on our blog that I thought I'd just do a quick recap of the summer and then move on to our new home in Germany. Here are some pictures of some of the summer happenings. Here is a picture of Dave and I with Benj and Sara at his graduation from USC's MBA program. THis is just one of 4 graduations we had this summer: Dan from ASU law school, DAvid from BYU MBA, and Ryan from ASU's undergrad in Housing and Urban Development.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Niels's white coat ceremony

Dave and I travelled to Las Vegas to see son Niels receive his ceremonial white coat during his first year of dental school. We saw "Love" (Cirque Du Soleil) at the Mirage, and enoyed seeing some family and dear friends.

The gardens at the Bellagio were gorgeous, celebrating the Chinese New Year.

Niels and Susie with Dave and me after the ceremony.

After the White Coat Ceremony we met good friend Donna Johnson and had dinner at one of our favorite Vegas restaraunts, The Pasta Shop. Here are Donna, Mom and I at the restaraunt.

Last week some friends and I headed to Laguna Niguel for a fun, short girlfriend trip. We had beach time, shopping time, watched movies, ate lots and generally had the perfect girl trip.

Last Sunday Dan and Holly blessed new little Maggie May Colton. Here she is with her mom looking splendid in her blessing gown. She's number 9 and we just found out number 10 is on the way (Trevor and Brooke are expecting!)

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Here are some random shots from the trip to Hawaii. I'm still figuring this out, so the info about the trip is down below, sorry!

Last week Dave and I took a fun trip to Kauai with his parents, Ster and Ellie. We had such a great time! We cherish the times we can spend with our parents. Unfortunately my mom and dad weren't able to come because mom got really sick. But she's much better now. Here are some shots from Hawaii:
Dave on the NaPali Coast Cruise we took
While Dave and I were in Salt Lake, on a day when he was in meetings, I spent the day with the Utah grandkids and took them to the Discovery Children's museum and to lunch, with their moms Brooke and Mauri. It was so much fun!

skiing in Park City

We were in Park City a couple of weeks ago and took a day to go skiing with David, Trevor, Mauri, Dave and me. We had so much fun! Dave's roommates came up and it was the perfect day...sun shining, good snow, and fun people to ski with. Here is a picture of the group, and one of Mauri, who doesn't get to ski often as the mother of three little ones.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Major Recap!

Since I haven't added to my blog in three months and I have been informed that I have the most boring blog ever, I am going to try to do a quick recap of the last three months.
In November we went to LA to visit Ben and Sara at USC. We took in a day at Disneyland with Trevor and Brooke and kids, and a day at The Huntington Gardens with Ben, Sara and my mom.

All of us at Huntington Gardens

Dave, Lizzie, Ben, and Sara at their apartment

Trevor, Caden and Ben at Disneyland

David and Lizzie at the Mesa Turkey Day Trot

All the kids at Uncle Brad and Aunt Melanie's at Thanksgiving

Dave's family all gathered for Thanksgiving

Aunt Carolyn with her little nieces and nephews the day after Thanksgiving in our backyard.

Dave, Lizzie, and I were out on a walk one night and took this picture

We went to St. John's to visit Jacob for his 3rd birthday.

Jared reading to Abbie

Our newest grandchild Miss Maggie May Colton was born on December 9th in Phoenix to Dan and Holly. Here is the proud family with Grandpa Dave and Holly's mom Chris Record.

Proud Grandpa Dave

For a pre-Christmas treat, I took Sara, Susie, and Lizzie for pedicures

My dad treated everyone for dinner the day after Christmas at favorite restaurant Rosa's.

Dinner at my mom's in Las Vegas on our trip North to take Lizzie to school. My good friend Donna and I are co-grandmas. Here's a picture of us with our shared grandkids.

Donna, Susie, Brooke, and Mom at dinner

Lizzie's first day of school at BYU Idaho with friend Tracey.

Uncle David with Caden and Hailey on the deck in Park City

Grandpa Dave and Caden with their snowmen